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RTFM and the Technology Adoption Lifecycle

April 30th, 2013 — 12:35am

Reading the manuals is good. And sure it is necessary.

But there are sometimes even I read the manuals I can’t figure out what is going on.

There are good manuals and bad manuals,
but also for me there are some topics that I can’t figure out without practicing with a guider …

I am a software developer… My days passes with learning from manuals.
But I see that it is not going fast that way. I think it is not the way for everybody.

In mail groups or company environments you can see people are directing you to manuals.

Everybody has a diffrent way of learning things.

Some people read one time and can quickly re-produce it.

Some read one time understand the main idea but can’t reproduce first time. Needs to ask more questions.

Some read many time, reproduce many time and then learn the thing….

Everybody can do every thing. But needs diffrent intro periods.

Diffusion Of Innovation

Manuals are fast and good on reminding things to everybody.

But if some one beats the obstacle, you will finish the task faster …

please take a look at the candle problem

The main reason I blog about this is I see a working environment improvement here. 

If we follow the KISS principle better we may have the chance to be more productive. In today’s development environment most of the tasks are super simple for “Innovators”, “Early Adopters” can join the challange but they suffers a little. “Early Majority” nearly have no chance…

Nearly all the world has the problem to find the good developers. I think we are searching the wrong ones… We need to prepare an easy environment for also early and late adopters … There are really few of innovators…

Manuals are not always written for “Early Majority” …

Maybe they look at the manual and don’t find their solution and ask questions and that is a productivity killer. We loose 2 people’s time…

To create a fast growing and cheap environment we need to create tasks for “Early Majority”



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