Why Toyota is That Successful?

A few years ago I went to Toyota factory for training. The environment looked me very organized. Lately, I had been in another automotive factory and necessarily compared them. After comparison, Toyota seemed to be very powerful in my eyes. They told me that Toyota have a production philosophy. (Kaizen!)

A recent book I have read reminded me Kaizen again. Toyota is a company that set out with the principle of producing economic automobiles to the utmost efficient ways. To the utmost efficient means a production way that minimizes producer surplus, stock overage and employee mistakes. The system aims at producing needed thing when needed it. (Production at the appropriate time). The other interesting application in the system is even an employee has a right to stop production if he/she notices a problematic situation.

The person who notices problem stops the huge production line and the others examine the problem till they find the source of the problem. So they solve the problem from its source.

Even if there is no mistake, people in the process always question “How we can make it better”. If something ends in 10 minutes todays, it should end in 9 minutes tomorrow. In the production process there is no little thing! That is the “Kaizen”
Toyota is the best example for how Kaizen works. I have never been in a team that apply Kaizen so I haven’t seen it on the process. But I don’t want to die before I see.

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